eMe Be Garrote Jatetxea

eMe Be Garrote Jatetxea

eMe Be Garrote is the restaurant of Martín Berasategui in San Sebastian, awarded 1 Michelin Star and 1 Sol Repsol.

Located in a natural environment in the neighborhood of Ibaeta, with a contemporary décor and "euskandinavo", the Donostiarra chef revives its origins, offering a cuisine of author wisely updated, product, pampered to fire and full of flavor.

A young team, led by Rafa Moya in the direction of the house services and Javi Izquierdo in the stoves, are waiting for you with the open doors for a great experience.

Natura jakintsua da, berari aditu besterik ez dago.

Merkatuak bideratzen ditu nire pausoak eta zein produktorekin jostatu aholkatzen dit.

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